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The first time I was scrolling through the list of possible I saw the topic of government grafitti--propaganda messages. It intrigued me, but I did not give it much thought. After having a great coverstaion with Mr. T. about this and the tons of different ways to approach it I would love to pursure this topic for my Inquiry Project.

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When I think of government propaganda on of the first things that pops into my mind is a poster that Mrs. Wegner has in her social studies classroom. There are layers of graffiti but on the top a single statment stands out it reads "Mother, Should I Trust The Government?" This was really powerful for me and it got me wondering about all of the backgound behind that photograph. The propaganda that is around Xizhou is not just graffiti but messages written by the government and one question that really sticks in my mind is do you always trust what the government says to you.

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This is my Phase 2 work, here all of my focus is on finding resources that will be helpful in answering by "Big Ten Questions" from Phase 1

Some of the keywords that I used while searching for and expert and for information on my topic were 

"Chinese Government Wall Propaganda"

"Chinese Big Character Propaganda"

"Chinese Government Slogans"

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I looked at Grace C (Alumini D), Kate W. (Alumini D), and Chuli R. (Alumini D)

My audience for my final project includes several groups. My family, friends, and fellow Microcampus students. Also people who are curious about the Cultural Revolution and the Great Leap forward. Also those who are intersted in propaganda.

My main point is: How has propaganda changed throughout the past few decades. I am focusing in on a few time periods 1949-1965, 1966-80, and 1981-present.

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