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This is Phase 0, the beginning of our Inquiry Project. At the start, two projects interested me the most: Music and End-of-Life Rituals. I ended up choosing Music because I don't really have a connection with End-Of-Life Rituals. I haven't experienced a close family member passing away, and I have never been to a funeral. 

Updated 6 years 9 months ago

I just finished Phase 0, where we chose our Inquiry Project topic and answered a few basic questions about it. My topic is music, and I will be researching about the differences between the music that elderly people in XiZhou listen to, and the music that younger people there listen to. Also, I will research the instruments used to play music in Xizhou. 

What I know about the topic, and what I want to know: 

Updated 6 years 9 months ago

In Phase 1, we developed some questions and gathered some background information. In this Phase, we will be finding some resources to answer our questions or draw up some new questions. 


Some keywords I used when I was finding some background information were:
Traditional Chinese music
xizhou music
Bai Minority music

About This Learner

I am 13 years old and this year will be my 7th year living in Shanghai. I have lived in two countries: U.S.A and China. Even though I have lived in China for a long time, I haven't traveled to many cities here. I am interested to see how different our lives are from the people's lives in XiZhou, because we live in such different environments. The Microcampus trip was great! I loved meeting the people here, and the scenery is amazing. Feel free to read my journals to see the highlights of my trip!