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Hi, my name is Thomas C., and I am part of Microcampus, group students who will be living in a local place called XiZhou for a month. In Microcampus, we have to do this project called the inquiry project, where we basically go around study the topics we chose for 28 days by communicating with the local people living in XiZhou. We get know about them and live very closely to them, as if they are our extended family. This is called the Phase 0 of the Inquiry Project, where we choose three topics we want to study from Mr. T's list of topics, and then narrow it down to two or one topic.

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Back in Phase 0, I chose an inquiry topic I am going to investigate the whole Microcampus trip, and I decided to investigate the local recreation of the Bai Minority.

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Welcome to my Phase 2! Now I will gathering resources here that can answer some of the questions I have asked back in Phase 1 and might change or come up with new questions.

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The final products I looked at were Niki H.'s project from Alumni-B which was about Children of Xizhou Village. Another one was Alex L.'s project from Alumni-B which was about the Role of Mahjong in the Village. The final one I looked at was Jeffery Z.'s from Alumni-D which was about Earthquake Resistance Architect in Xizhou.

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Hi, my name is Thomas C. and I am now in Xizhou. The sky is so blue and the food is great. When it is night, the sky is so clear that the stars are visible. I am looking forward to meeting local people, and hopefully be able toe make friends with them.