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I am going off to a village south of Shanghai, called XiZhou in the Yunnan province of China. I was willing to join Microcampus because I wanted to learn from people outside of Shanghai. I wanted to interact with local citizens in XiZhou to learn about their culture. To furthur enhance my stay at the Microcampus site, I would need to work on an inquiry project. An inquiry project is a subject that I will specifically study about in XiZhou.

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In Phase 0, I chose the inquiry project of local cuisine/food of the XiZhou. I am willing to discover every tiny detail about how food in XiZhou is different than food in Shanghai. I am mainly trying to compare and contrast different types of food, and that is why I am in Microcampus. 

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Back in Phase 1, I asked some major questions to start up my inquiry project. In phase 2, I will be finding helpful resources for my project. 

When I access digital resources, some keywords I put down are "Food/Cuisine", "XiZhou", and "Linden Centre". 

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Background Information (from Phase 1):

Restaurants in XiZhou :

-There is a restaurant called the Golden Flower (黄金饭店), and it is considered to be a more "high class" part of the town [1]. It is definitely more spacious and open to customers. There is no menu for the restaurant, instead, the food you receive is based on what is left in the refrigerator [1]. Mr. Yang is the owner of the shop, and he has kept the shop there for 25 years [1]

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I read Chuli's final project, Nike's final project, and Jeffrey's final product to inspire me into making my final product. 

My audience is all of the tourists coming to XiZhou because my final product is a walkthrough on most of the specialty foods here in XiZhou/Yunnan.

My hanger is a video menu on most of the signature foods in XiZhou/Yunnan. My hooks will be general/background information on the foods, recipe/ingredients, and also the steps of making the foods. I will be sharing all of the information I learned during this trip.

About This Learner

Hi! My name is Vincent, and this year I am 13 years old. I was born in Canada. I go to school In Shanghai American School's 8th grade. I lived YangZhuoRan, and I already finished investigating my inquiry project, which is about local foods and cuisine in XiZhou. I enjoyed my stay at the Microcampus site in XiZhou. I enjoy playing badminton, tennis, volleyball, and floor hockey.