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I think some of the question that the people who where interviewing these elderly people where,

  1. How old where you during the 3 major events, Liberation, The Great leap forward, and The culture revolution, and what do you remember most about these events. 
  2. How did the Culture Revolution affect your house, home and the community that you live in.
  3. After these 3 major events how did you family turn out in the end, where they separated, killed, unaffected. 
  4. What was taken away from you, what did you get from these 3 major events or what where your forced to do.
  5. What was your occupation and how did it affect you during these 3 major events. 

I think some characteristics that would make up a interesting elder to be interviewed. 

  1. Age, 60 or older, at least
  2. Occupation
  3. Still has a strong mind
  4. Has evidence of pictures of there events
  5. Some one who has no trouble opening up and sharing
  6. Some one who might have had a hard time during the 3 major events 




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