Updated 4 years 2 months ago

From March 5th through April 1st, I, Justin, will travel to a village called Xizhou in Yunnan province with my eleven peers. This trip is meant for us students to get out of our normal lifestyle an try out the extraordinary for a month in Xizhou. During this trip, I will be among other students to explore, learn, and most importantly, grow up together in some way. However, there is a goal we all need to accomplish individually. And that is, the inquiry project. The inquiry project is a project where we choose a topic and focus on learning more about it during the trip.

Updated 4 years 1 month ago

This is currently my Phase 1 where I will answer challenging questions while I am doing my project at Xizhou. As in Phase 0, I decided that my project will be general healthcare. That means finding out what ways the world and the locals believe that would benefit me at health.

What I already know/think I know about general healthcare

Updated 4 years 6 days ago

In my previous phase, (Phase 1) I have thought of possible questions and answers to end during my trip to Xizhou. Mostly about the average Xizhou villager's awareness about their own health.

Updated 4 years 6 days ago

 In Phase 3, I will lay down the information I have learned from researching about medicine and compare them with my own experiences in Xizhou.

I have came to a conclusion that I am going to choose general healthcare as by topic I am going to study about during my time in Xizhou.

About This Learner

Hello everyone! I am currently 14 years old and I was born in New Jersey, United states of America. I lived my first year of my life in New Jersey before I moved and lived at Shanghai ever since. Because I finished my required phases, (Hooray!) I am now at a wonderful place in China called Xizhou.