Aniketh D. (Alumni-O)'s Journal

While applying for Microcampus, one of the questions was 'Why I Want to go on Microcampus." At first, there was one major reason. This reason was so that I could not only see real China, but experience and emerse myslef into it as well. Being a rural village for a month is one of the best ways to learn about the China that is outside of our urban 'bubble' of Shanghai. I was very excited and open to learning about here China, due to the fact that I have only seen urban China for a year. Before the results of the trip came out, Mr.


Today was our last full day here in the village. We wrapped our stages one and two, in which we looked back at all of our work, and corrected any of the mistakes that we made regarding spelling and grammar. The stages took around two hours each.


Today we presented our final Service Learning projects to some of the locals in the village. 

Our Service Learning partner was Lao Mao. His real name Zhang Liang Chun. People call him Lao Mao because he has a big beard. He just turned sixty years old and is not from Xizhou. He is from another city in Yunnan.


Today the village was without power for the whole day. It just so happened that my room had to do laundry today. Due to this, SeYoung and I had to hand wash all of our clothes. We did a pretty good job, besides the fact that our clothes were drenched by the time we were done washing it. It will most likely take the entire day for the clothes to dry. We ended up staying at the laundry place for 30 minutes, rather than 10 minutes.


Today we began to wrap up our Inquiry Projects Final Product. Once we finished our first drafts, we were asked to show Mr. T so that he could give us his pearls of wisdom (feedback). I had some details and recording issues that needed to be addressed. Other than that, Mr. T was very proud of the work that I have done, and he said that the work itself is really rock solid.


Today was our last day to work on any work given to us by our teacher back in Shanghai. We have been here in the village for three weeks now, and spring break begins today in Shanghai. Due to the break, our SAS essentials work has been completed for the rest of the trip. Any of the work that was not done that was supposed to be will be completed over this coming weekend. During our daily meeting, Mr.


Today started out normal, but then it became worse. At around 2 PM, it began to rain. It started out light, but it then got more intense. We were planning on playing volleyball, but ended up relaxing and taking a short nap because of the rain. The nap was quite resfreshing and it gave me alot more energy than I had Before. Other than the rain, we also started, and finished, our Phase 4 work.


We had another productive day here in the village. I was able to go around the village and ask people about their water usage. I asked Mr. Yang of the Golden Flower Restaurant, Ms. Song who runs a juice restaurant, and Ms. Li who is a farmer. They all stated that their drinking water comes from the water plant that is uphill from Si Fang Jie. Mr. Tafel and I will be visitig it tomorrow. After my work, I was able to have wellness with Justin and Angelesia.


Today is day 16, which officially marks the end of our second week here in the village. It has been an amazing trip so far, and we all are looking forward to the two weeks to come. We have been making some significant progress in our positive impact on the village. Positive impact is when we use multiple use containers and cups, rather than paper, which can only be used once.


Today is the 14th day of Microcampus, or the halfway mark of our journey. The first half of the trip was a great start to the trip, with a few bumps along the way. However, we were able to pull together and are working at 100% efficiency, to ensure relaxing weekends. Along with this, we also had our half day hike to a height of 2626 meters. It was hard at first, but after we stopped and had a snack, we were able to regenerate our energy and had no more problems moving forward.


We had another day of doing laundry!

We woke up from our camping night of extreme 40 Km per hour winds. We had our breakfast with a special surprise in it. We got bacon with our breakfast for the first time on the trip. We had a pretty relaxing day of our first week. 

We talked about our day and did some laundry. Once the laundry has done, we went back to the centre and relaxed and planned our week for tommorrow, so that we are prepared.

Xizhou is looking good so far!


In late afternoon today, we are going to the tongue of Lake Erhai to camp for the first time!

We we will start our journey in the late afternoon after a nice half day of relaxation on our first Saturday here. The fisrt week went by so much faster than I ever could have imagined it. It has been an amazing experince. Along with this, our Language Arts teacher (for red), Ms. Beck will be joining use for the weekend, and on our hiking/camping trip.

XIzhou is such an amazing place, and I cannot wait to see the lake up close!




Today was a special day in the village.

We had our breakfast, and started our math work and then had our daily meeting, which I facilitated for the first time. It went pretty smoothly. Mr. Tafel was not feeling very well today, so he was not able to join us today. 


When Angelesia, Max and I were on our way back to the Linden Centre, we encountered one of the many forces of nature. We were coming back from our bike ride North when we encoutered some very strong winds, that almost knocked us off of our bikes. The wind was coming from the West, which is where the mountains are located. As the wind came towards us, it ended up passing some of the farm lands. 


March 5 was the first day of out long 28 day trip in Xizhou. We landed at the Dali airport at around 3 o'clock, and we arrived at the Linden Centre at around 5. On the bus ride to the Linden Centre, we played Mr. T's game called "What would you do", in which we were given a scenario and were told to figure out what we were supposed to do in that scenario.

Hi! I am Aniketh. I was born in Royal Oak, Michigan, but lived in Novi for a decade. I play ice hockey, as well Dj and produce electronic music. I moved to India when I was 10, and spent a year and a half there. I then moved to Shanghai last year, and will be leaving after ninth grade. I was in Xizhou in March of 2016, and it was an amazing experience! I got to learn so much not only about the village and its history, but about me and my habits. To any of the future groups, please make sure that you follow Mr. T's directions and you get your work done on time. Enjoy your trips!