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Our service learning partner was Mrs. Yang. Her full name is Yang Yong Li, and she is 65 years old. She works at a stand on the street selling small items for 10 years. 

I learned a lot about Mrs. Yang through this project, her mother died when she was young, so her father had to take care of her and her siblings. She has been married for 13 years, and has one child. 

I did not learn much about the history of Xizhou, but what I did learn was very interesting, I learned that in her time kids, had to study all day, and when they got home, they had to cook food for their family.

Again, there was not much that I learned about 20th century China other than the fact that children had to work constantly and were usually the ones to provide for their family. They had to farm for food after they got back from school, and cook the food for their family.

It was a great experience showing my service learning partner our video. Although she did not have an emotional reaction to the video, I think that she was happy to be there. After we showed her around Yang Zhuoran, she said that she wanted to leave, because she thought that that was the only reason that she came there. So we explained to her that we were going to present the video to her and our other guests. We asked if she would like any tea or fruit, but she declined saying that she had drank before she left and thought that she would be sick if she drank any more. When we presented the video to everyone, she was smiling the whole time and was happy at the end. When the videos were over, we gave her the DVD of the video, and gave her the basket of fruits.

About This Learner

Hello, may name is Joshua G, I am in 8th grade and I have a brother in 10th grade. I have now returned to home from Xizhou, I am glad that I got to go there for a month and expand my knowledge of China. It was definitely an experience that I will never forget!