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I will be going on a learning journey to a Chinese village for 28 to better myself as a person and a learner. I had list of choices, all equally important but I narrowed it down with lots of help from Mr. Tafel and eventually chose Project/Business Management.

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In Phase 0 I chose my topic, Small Business, with help from Mr. Tafel. I am now in Phase 1 where I will be making at least 10 big questions to answer on Microcampus and gathering some information about my project.

What I already Know about Small Businesses:

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In Phase 1 I made questions to guide my research, now in Phase 2 I will be finding helpful resources and doing some short conversations with teachers to get the names of some people in Xizhou that could help me with my Inquiry Project.

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In this Phase, Phase 3 I will be getting some background information for my topic small business to help me answer 10 questions in Phase 1. I will also be getting some sources to help me with my future inquiry project work.

Background Research

-Small Businesses accounts for 94% of companies in China if one man shops are also being counted.[1]

About This Learner

Hi, my name is Cole and I am a student, who is a part of an amazing experience known as "Microcampus". What I and my peers are doing is going out to a village called Xizhou. In Xizhou we will be escaping the "bubble" we live in in Shanghai. In Xizhou I am and will continue to experience real Chinese culture.