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Our learning journey starts here in Phase o! Starting from November 14, 2015, a group of thirteen students will be spending 28 days in a village researching a topic of their own choice. We chose the topics by going through a long list of possible Inquiry Projects. The strategy I used to narrow the list of possible topics was the process of elimination. First of all, I scrolled down the page, looking at the title of the topics to see if any of them interested me. I then took note of about six of the topics.

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In Phase 0, I decided on an Inquiry Project - Architecture/Construction Methods/Preservation of Old Structures. In this phase I will generate questions and do background research.

What do I already know about the topic?

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In Phase 1, I generated questions that would help me start the research process when we arrive Xizhou. In Phase 2, I will find resources that help generate new questions or answer the ones I already have. 

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In this phase I will learn more about my topic by doing research in preparation for the trip and also when I am on the trip. Before this phase, I have completed Phase o and Phase 1 where I have decided on an Inquiry Topic and generated some questions about it. 

Background Information (from Phase 1): 

About This Learner

My name is Cara L. and I am 13 years old. I lived in California for the first 3 years of my life, then my family and I moved to Shanghai. This is my second year at SAS, and before coming here I went to another private school in Shanghai. Some of my hobbies include sports, being outdoors, and traveling. I like sports in general, but my favorites are swimming, soccer, and basketball. During my free time, I like to hang out with my friends and spend time with my family. I was in Xizhou in the November of 2015 with the Nutty Narwhals. Microcampus was truly a wonderful experience, so thank you to everyone who made this an unforgettably journey.