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Microcampus is an educational field trip where students are chosen to go to a 28 day adventure to XiZhou, the village with the true face of China outside the bubble. And this page, phase 0, is the place I decided on the topic of my inquiry project, the month long project that we are mainly going to be working on in XiZhou, from a list of numerous titles. Following a number of steps, I narrowed these topics down to three, and finally decided on one that made me passionate about the most. 

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On the previous page, Phase 0, I chose one specific topic to work on for my Inquiry project, which for me is the photography of local food/cuisine. Now on this page, Phase 1, I am going to be researching for background information that goes with my Inquiry project topic. I will be also posing big questions for me to solve out in XiZhou and to work as the backbone of my project. 

What I Already Know

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In order to obtain my sources for the research in Phase 1, I mainly used the words 'Yunnan Cuisine' and 'Food Photography Techniques.' After some research, I found out that just typing in 'XiZhou Cuisine' did not help much because the place was a bit too minor; after all it is a small village.

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On this page, Phase 3, I will be doing all my research for my Inquiry project both before and during the microcampus trip. Previously, I have completed Phase 0 and Phase 1, in which I decided on my Inquiry project topic, and posed some questions that expanded on it. 

About This Learner

I really had a marvellous time at XiZhou, I experienced so many thing that I would never have been able to back in Shanghai. I miss the beautiful fields and the nice villagers here. I really hope I can go back there sometime.