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While scanning through the many fields of study to choose from, a couple topics popped out at me. I have always been very fond of kids so Local Education Systems and Local Recreation/Hobbies. Mr. T told me that surprisingly, Local Education Systems did not involve hanging around kids all day which made my decision almost too easy. My main priority was to be around kids throughout the majority of this trip. I wanted to understand their lifestyle. 

These were my thoughts throughout topic selection: 

Local Recreation/ Hobbies: 

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While researching online, I had to use multiple keywords in order to find what I was really looking for. Here are a few keywords that I used: 

  • Bai minority children
  • Xizhou children
  • Local schools Xizhou
  • Local schools Yunnan
  • Education in Yunnan
  • Education in China
  • Household work Chinese children
  • Chinese children behavior
  • Traditional Chinese games
  • Bai recreation
  • Yunnan recreation

How do I know the information is valid?

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Information from 3-to-5's

When I interviewed Fay, she didn't give me information about places to go or people to meet, but rather information about my topic. If the family is able to pay for their kids to go to school, they will. However, if not, the kids will stay back to help with the family business. The children will play at the playground located at SiFangJie when their parents are working. 

Background Information (Phase 1, Step 4):

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In order to gain a full understanding of the daily life of a girl in middle school in Xizhou, it is essential for one to investigate the schooling, dreams, and lifestyle of the children. 

Main Audience:

My main audience for my final product is anyone who loves to be around kids, or misses being one. I also want anyone who is interested in what I hav accomplished while I have been on this amazing journey to take a look at my work. My goal is not to cherish my childhood memories here, but to create new ones. 

About This Learner

Hi, my name is Grace! I'm 13 years old and I am now a Microcampus Alumni! I was born in the US and have been in Shanghai for almost 3 years now. I chose to study the daily life of children (especially around my age) in Xizhou. I deeply miss Xizhou and the fresh air, blue skies, and the loving people in the village. I am here as a reference for future groups, whether it be Inquiry, Service Learning, or anything else, I'm here!