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When I was looking at the list of possible topics, the subjects of local tea, wood carving, and embroidery stuck out to me. I always liked tea, because it is good for your health and tastes good when you mix it with other ingredients or solid foods. Art was always interesting to me, especially when it is making the craft myself. But after receiving feedback from Mr.

Updated 7 years 12 hours ago

Before stating the Big Questions, I thought it is necessary to share the knowledge I already know or want to know about embroidery, and I did some research general background information of embroidery, which is located in Phase 3 of my work.

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After generating my list of ten big questions, it is time to some research on the internet, and possibly, generating more interesting questions to replace the less intriguing questions. To start with, let think of a list of phrases of words for online resources, and deciding if the website is reliable. 

Updated 6 years 10 months ago

Thesis Statement: To completely acquire a full understanding about the embroidery of Xizhou, it is necessary for one to consider its history, techniques, symbolism, and economics. 


About This Learner

Hey! I am Miranda who was a member of the Dynamite Puxi and Pudong mix group. I am from Hong Kong, but moved to Shanghai when I was 8, and lived there ever since. My inquiry project was about embroidery. I loved the air and scenery of Xizhou, and wish to come back another time. All of the active Microcampus students can always ask me for help and advice!