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When I started out choosing my topic, I was interested in not just Bai Minority Music. I narrowed done the list to Economic Case Study, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Bai Minority Music. I thought about what these topics would teach me. Economic Case Study would allow me to learn about how a specific vendor made a living. Traditional Chinese Medicine will let me see ways of healing before Ipufprofen and chemicals.

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Before researching, I barely knew anything about Bai Minority Music or Chinese music in general. Music is really important to me, which is the reason why I chose this topic. Based on my own knowledge, I believe that Bai Music is mainly folk songs that tell stories about the Bai Culture. Possibly describing legends and common myths that are told to children. Mr. T has briefly informed me about a local musician group that does perform in the town. I have very little knowledge about main Chinese instruments, such as the er hu, pi pa, etc.

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After researching background information, I learned about using keywords to help find information on Google Scholar. The main keywords that I used to search up information were: Bai Minority Music, Bai Minority, Bai Minority Culture. 

In Phase 1, I googled and searched for articles that would help me develop some background information. I know that this information is accurate because valid websites end in with .edu/.gov/.org. A citation and the author of the page will also be viewed. You can find the author by clicking "Credits" or "About Author."

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Background Information (from Phase 1, Step 4) :

-Bai Minority music usually consists of folk songs, dancing music, blow chamber music, and different instrument music. [1]

-Started when kings of Nanzhou and Dali loved the music and requested the musicians to stay and to teach others how to play this music. [2]

-Judging by a picture, music is sometimes performed in twos, the instrument looks handmade, and the performers are wearing bright colors. [2]

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Two imporant aspects of understanding the role of Bai Minority Music in the village are the impact of the movie, Five Golden Flowers, and the role that music plays in people's lives. This is the information I hope to share with my audience. I think that these points of focus are important because it explains the past and present of Bai Music. It shows how much music has developed and why it is important.

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