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I started off not knowing much about what local Chinese people do for recreation, which is why I guess, I was interested in the topic. After looking through an alumni's work, I found out how and why playing is important for children. I found out how it helps the emotional, physical, and mental health of a child. I also found out some of the traditional Chinese games still played today. Because there are so many elders in rural China playing traditional Chinese games, I am guessing their children or grand-children are being taught how to play such games like, Mahjong, or Chinese chess.

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While I was researching, some keywords I used when researching were; recreation, playtime, recess, rural sports, students in China, games in China, and exercise in China.

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At first, I was not sure what my thesis was going to be. After talking with Mr. T, I came up with a thesis for my project. "In order for me to gain some insight about how I can learn from someone else's life to make my life more fulfilled, I must learn about someone else's accomplishments and regrets".

My project is focused on elders, but it is not meant to be viewed by elders. My project, is about taking information from older generations, and passing their wisdom onto younger generations. Therefore, my project is designed for anyone who needs advice in life.

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Hi, my name is Christina Manning and I'm 15 years old. Born in Canada with a dual German citizenship, I have lived in countless countries throughout my school years, including Korea, Dubai, and Australia. I am currently in my sophomore year at Shanghai American School. Microcampus was an amazing experience - one I will never forget. It provided me with a new perspective on China, and it's people, which is something that I will always cherish.