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During the process of selecting a topic, some of the topics that stuck out to me the most were the “What If I Was From Here” case study and the Economic Case Study.

 “What If I Was From Here” case study stood out to me is because you really get the feel of being a local and a different perspective of the village. I feel that I’ll have fun with this topic because it’s not just one topic but it’s all of them bundled together to some extent. I can really make this topic personal depending on my experiences.

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To create my questions, I need to build a foundation of knowlege I can base my questions on. The more knowlege I have, the deeper questions I may develop. Below is the information I have learned throughout my research process and later, the questions I developed to ask the locals in XiZhou.

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The point for Phase 2 is to find resources, not only on the internet and books but once we are in XiZhou, I will be able to talk to locals! During this phase, I will be finding different resources before going onto Phase 3, where I will actually start interview the locals.

During my research, I needed to use a lot of keywords in order to find the information I needed.

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The main point I hope to share with my audience is what kinds of aspects are involved in a small business. What you need to do in order to run one, the economics, the story behind the business, the business itself and it's economics. I want show what is behind the curtains, behind the scenes of a small business. Not just the fact that they take your money and put it in a money box but what happens with that money, where does it go? I want them to fully understand what is needed in order to run a successful small business.

About This Learner

My name is Gayatri and I am currently 13 years old. I was born in Dubai and since then I have lived in Abu Dhabi, Jakarta and now Shanghai. Xizhou was an amazing experience and it will almost be a memory near my heart. I miss the blue skies and fresh air very dearly and hope to come back soon. I miss Xizhou so much and I hope future groups will enjoy Xizhou just as much as we did.