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I've always been intrested in antiques because they tell a story. I have visited many antique stores on vacations but never knew how to tell the value of the antiques. I am also interested in history. America has a such a short history. China has a long history and its antiques tell an intresting story. I would like to learn from the experts on how to find, apraise, and sell these historical relics. I can see myself visiting a shop and speaking to the experts and if possible speak to Mr. Linden and learn from his expereince.

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In order to come up with a list of questions I must look back on my knowledge that I have been taught in school and in life. Through this I can learn to funnel my questions and share what I want to know with the world.I know a little amount about antiques and other collectibles. I know that antiques are very old and it takes knowledge to recognize an antique. It takes many years to learn enough knowledge to recognize valuable antiques from some one else junk.

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In order to gather my information I needed to find a few key words to in order to narrow my search some good words I used were Yunan Dali Xizhou. Sometimes the websites did not show so I had to broaden my search by using other words like China, Antiques. By using this technique I was able to find some websites that related to Chinese antiques so I could further my knowledge about what antiques were and why we use them.

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In order for me to have good background knowledge I need to have done some research. When I do research I have the ability to illuminate my mind with all the topics from everything Chinese antiques.

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My Thesis Starement
In order to fully understand all there is to know about Chinese Antique coins one must consider Qing dynasty coins1, Chinese Sycee's2 and some backround infromation3.

Now that I have my thesis statement I must know who my audience is. Due to this topic and its certain aspects this would be useful for collecters of all types and all levels.

Some other infromation in addiditon to the main points would be where do theese coins come from, the economics of theese coins and why people buy them.