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Now that I have collected background information in Phase 1 as well as come up with some major questions, it is time for me to find some helpful resources. I have decided to start by first looking at the keywords I used in order to find background information.

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Now that I am very much nearly done with most of my research, I have narrowed down my main topic into a main point of study. The main point of my study is on the wall design of buildings in XiZhou. In order to examine earthquake resistant wall design in XiZhou architecture, one must consider three different eras: those that are pre-1949; those between 1949 through the late 1990s; and those from the late 1990s to the present.

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Hey guys, my name is Jeffrey (spelled R-E-Y not E-R-Y) and I found microcampus extremely exciting! I have been interested in the Microcampus ever since Mr. Tafel introduced it to us in 6th grade science class and now I have officially been on the trip. I had lots of fun here even though I was one of the only four boys here and only boy from the Puxi campus. Every day presented me with its own set of challenges and it really makes microcampus an interesting experience. The 28 days I spent with everyone in my group was unforgettable and whenever by chance we meet each other it's like meeting a long lost brother or sister. Microcampus by far was the most memorable experience I had in Middle School. Now that I'm back in Shanghai, I'm really starting to miss XiZhou, but no regrets, thats the best way to live life. The whole experience is definitely something I won't be forgetting. Please excuse any of my tyops.