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Our partner for service learning is Yang De Guan who is from the Hui Minority.

The focus of our service learning project is to partnership with an elder 60 years or older, and to preserve their life history. We have not yet chosen our service learning elder. Click here to go to our groups project page.

When thinking about the characteristics that I would like to find in my Service learning elder, I think that I would like the elder to be very open. Also for them not to be the kind that do not want to talk to us. Have a partner that wants to share about what happened to them and that is very nice and funny. Also a very trustworthy elder would be very nice to talk to. Those are a few of the characteristics that I would like to find in my service learning elder.


In this exprience I learned the my elder had been through so much through his life and I learnt about his life goals. He went through some really tough times during the years that he lived. I knew form the start that he was Muslim, but I learned that he is the leader of the Muslims in the Mosque in Xizhou.

I learned that Xizhou like other places had a very hard time during the Great Leap Forward. But overall I did not learn that much about Xizhou's history. I learned more about Mr. Yang Deguang's life.

The Soviet Union and the Republic of China were not very good friends. This is because China owned the Soviet Union money. Also during this time when Chairman Mao died. Some people weeped while other older men were fighting for a new China. I learnt so much about this history of Mr. Yang Deguang. He had a very hard time growing up because his parents made him and his other 9 sibilings work in the field and with the cattle. He had a hard time growing up.

Watching the vidoes were really cool because each person had their own view on what happened in the past. Some were a part of it, and other were away from it. Also it was really cool to see the elder's facial expressions as they were watching themselves talk. Mr. Yang is very interesting. He would stand up and just take a picture with his camera and then just sit back down. I love his little hair style it is pretty cool and a bit funny. But it was really cool to see the expressions on their face and you could tell the people had a realationship with their service learning partner.   
Sadly Mr. Yang Deguang could not make it today. We are hoping to go and talk to him and show him the video that we made of his life. I hope that he likes it. I could tell that he might have not wanted to come because he would have been the only person from the Hui Minority. So he might have been a bit embarrased to come here into the Bai Minority 'neighbor hood'. The Hui and Bai get along but they would rather live their own lives in their sepreate areas.

I recommend that the future Microcampus kids get a lot of different people to interview before they acutally choose someone and put their faith in that person. This is because that person might not want to be videoed. Also I recommend that the future student double check the age of the person before trying you interview the person. Because Chuli and I were talking to a person and he told us that he was 60. But when we brought Miranda because she is our main Chinese speaker and he told her that he was 58. My next recommendation is that you do no slack off on this project. This is because, if you do you will get very stressed and will have to spend a lot of your freetime working on your service learning. So spend the time that you are given, working on the Service learning project because you are given that much time for a reason.

About This Learner

Hi, my name is Kate and I am 13 years old. I am originally from Houston, Texas. But I have lived in Texas, Dubai and Shanghai. I loved being a part of the Microcampus group. It was an amazing experience. I think that everyone should join Microcampus if they are given the chance. I had a great time here and at the end I was ready to spend another month in Xizhou. So much fun.