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Whe I first started looking at many of the different choices for my Inquiry project, I was a bit intrested in the Local Education System, Local Recreational Hobbies and the Religious. After awhile of see which of these 3 topics I had more questions about, I then chose to work on the Religious background. I found Religion the most interesting for me because I had more questions about it than all of the other topics. I had been very intresested in the children, but Mr.

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Before choosing my main focus questions for my Inquiry Project, it is important to have a sense of what I already know about my topic before the research stage. I know that the Bai minority religion is a very complicated religion. You have to look at the religion without a label and be open minded when learning about it. This religion contains some Buddhism and Daoism. Also I know that the Bai minority religion has a main 'god' that they worship. They call this person a deity/lord. Their deity is a great person in history.

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In this phase I will talk about and find the people that I will talk about as my resources on my topic. These people will be some of the people that I will talk to for my Phase 3.

Keywords for searching up my topic:

Bai, Bai Religion, Bai Minority Religion, Books on Bai Minority, Chinese Religions

How I will know if I am using a reliable source:

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I don't know much about the Religion of the Bai people. I know that to understand this religion that you have to widen your view of religions. So in a way you have to stop categorizing what is what. I found out a bit about it from what Mr. T has told me. Which is that in the Bai religion, that if 100 years ago a man named "Joe" saved children from a burning house, then the people would still now 100 years later would pray to him to protect their families. Also that in a temple you can find signs of Daoism, Benzhu and Buddhism.

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My main point/thesis is the history behind the Da Ci Si Temple. In order to have a greater understanding of the history behind the Da Ci Si Temple, one has to begin by looking into the background history and Ms. Ni (the current caretaker)'s thoughts about the temple.

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