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Our service learning partner is Yang Da Guan. He is of the Hui minority plus is the head of the local mosque and he is 76 years old.

The focus of our service learning project is a partnership with an elder 60 years or older and to preserve the history of this town.  We have not yet chosen our Service Learning elder. Click here to go to our group's project page. 

We would probably want our elder to be ...

-  Kind-hearted, to be kind to us and welcome to us coming back to learn more.

- Open to sharing, sharing him/her life story with us without hesitation.

- Long history in XiZhou, knowing the difference between XiZhou then and now.

- Love of learning new things, being open-minded to how we have video cameras and new technology.

- Observant to the world, so he/she has information about history and life now.

Refection - 

Mr. Yang daguan is a very open man to talk to us about his past and his experenices. I also learned that he has a great memory because he can tell us about history events that happened way back. I also learned that he is a very busy man that has a lot going on in his life because he isn't always avaible. 

I learned that in XiZhou's past there was not always enough to eat. They were times when it was very hard to have enough money to live on. That most people, after middle school, had to go home and help farm to get food and money. 

I learned that China did not have enough food to feed its people because there was a conflict betweent he Solviot Union and China. Any left over money that China had would go to Solviot Union and to its people. Another thing I learned was that China did not like oweing the Solviot Union money. 

Our service learning partner was not able to attend our sharing of videos, so we did not get to see his face when we showed our video. Watching the other service learning partners' faces was really exciting. I really loved it when Mr. Yang, our neighbor, was taking a bunch of photos with his camera. I thought it was a really nice thing to see some of the elder people in XiZhou all together to see there memories getting saved for future generations to look back on. I really hope they remember this event for a long time because I think it really impacted there life. They got to see what we actually did with the footage that we got of them plus they got to see how we are trying very hard to help them preserve their towns history.

I would recommend that they go out and try to find a service leanring partner as soon as they get to XiZhou, because then they will have a better chance of getting a very intresting story. I would also recommend them to try to get an older person because they have way more intresting stories because they have lived longer and experienced more than younger people. Another thing I would recommend is to get lots of photos and footage of there service learning partner so that in there iMovie they can have lots of voice overs and photos.


About This Learner

Hi, my name is Chuli and I'm 14 years old. This will be my fourth year in Shanghai, but before I lived in Shanghai I lived in Dubai for eight years. I was really excited to be in XiZhou for Microcampus! I love learning new things and expand my prior knowledge. I learned about microcampus in 6th grade when Mr. T told us about it and from then on I really hoped I got to go. I loved to be able to do school beyond the school walls.