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When I was first looking at what topics to do I choose to look at traditional Bai minority dance, ethnic minority issues, and photography. In the end I choose to study ethnic minority issues. Because learning about conflicts between different Minority groups sounds like a very interesting topic. I think this topic is important to me because the issues that the Minority groups have is very important to history. I would want to try to find some similar charastics that they have in common, like in daily life.

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Before I look into my big questions about my topic, I should get everything I know about this topic together. I know that Muslims and the Bai minority live in the same area and have no conflict as of right now. But in history they had a brutal killings of the Muslims. I also know that the minority issues somewhat started when the Mongolians took over Beijing and started to take control of China. They split the Chinese people into different groups so that it was easier to control them. When the Mongolians lost the power, the different groups just remained put.

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Now that I have made my questions from Phase 1, I need to come up with some keywords that I could use to search my topic. These are some keywords that come to mind when I think of my topic -  

Ethnic Minority Groups China, Ethnic Groups China Issues. 

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I am narrowing down my topic so that I can learn a lot about that one thing and not just skim the top of the bigger concept. For my topic, I think I am going to narrow it down to the different prespective of the other group.

Background Information (from Phase 1, Step 4):  

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My main point/thesis is the different perspective of the minority groups.

My thesis would be: in order to understand the relationship between the Bai and Hui minority one must know about the past relationship, the present relationship, and the future relationship.

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