Updated 7 years 11 months ago

When I first looked at the Inquiry Project list, Government Graffiti/Propaganda Messages and Local Food/Cuisine caught my eye. After mulling over the decision, I decided on Local Food/Cuisine. I chose not to investigate Government Graffiti/Propaganda Messages because I love cooking, and thought that there are more possibilities of what I could choose to create.

Updated 7 years 11 months ago

Now that I have decided what my Inquiry Project topic is, (back in Phase 0) now I can start writing my questions. But before I go on to write my big questions, I did a bit of background research before developing my questions. I did a little of background research so I could get a better understanding of the the Yunnan Cuisine, and to receive a better understanding of Chinese cuisine in general.

Updated 7 years 11 months ago

To start researching, some keywords have to be imputed into the search bar before the internet groups information and lists it as possible options. Some keywords I used while researching were Bai Minority Holidays, Mid-Autumn Festival, and Moon Cakes.

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In the process of having a greater understanding of pea noodles, one must know the process of the production of the noodle, the other ingredients to make the dish, and the final product. You might only know one of the three stages, but that does not mean that you can say that you know a lot about this dish. You must understand all three aspects of this noodle, because without one of the three stages, the yellow pea noodle could not

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Hello, I am Anna! I am 13 years old, and I have been at SAS for four years. When I first heard about the Microcampus program in sixth grade, I was ecstatic, and was ready to go, but was greatly disappointed when I was told it was for eighth graders only. I was apart of the Dynamite group, and greatly enjoyed the Microcampus experience. There were so many new things I was introduced to, and I strongly recommend anyone who is even slightly interested to look into it more.