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Most people do not seem to go out of their own comfort zone frequently, and that is mainly because we feel intimidated. However, another impacting factor is because we do not get numerous opportunities to be able to try new things. As one of the 10 students who were chosen to be part of the Microcampus experience, I am lucky enough to be given the opportunity to go outside of the "bubble" of Shanghai. However, with a great opportunity comes great responsibility, and like all other students, I need to plan out my inquiry project for the 28 days in which I will be staying in Xizhou.

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As mentioned in Phase 0, Microcampus is a journey in which students travel to Xizhou and see a new perspective on life. During this time, students also do research on their individual inquiry projects, and for me, my inquiry project is about the Bai language, otherwise known as 民家话 (min jia hua) or 白族话 (bai zu hua). In Phase 1, I will research further into my topic to find more background knowledge, along with posing some questions to answer while I am researching in Xizhou. 

Updated 5 years 6 months ago

In Phase 0, I looked for possible topics and discovered my topic, the Bai language. In Phase 1, I took a deeper look into my project, as well as posing some critical questions. In Phase 2, I will be finding reliable resources, as well as reaching out to experts to help learn more about my project.

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Phase 3 is dedicated to doing more background research, interpreting information, and making connections. To find out why I chose to study the Bai language, click on Phase 0. Learn more about the questions I posed in Phase 1, and to learn more about my local contacts and resources, take a look at Phase 2

About This Learner

Hello, my name is Jamie, and I was part of the Microcampus Marvel Musketeers group. My experience here at Microcampus was truly unforgettable, and I have created many memories and learned many life lessons throughout my stay at Xizhou. My inquiry project was the Bai language, and I have finished. Current and future Microcampus students are welcome to contact me for advice, and I will always remember the days I spent in the beautiful village of Xizhou.