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Our service learning partner was Yang Nai Nai, she is 78 years old and lives in the Miao embroidery shop by the Linden Centre. She is Miao minority and lived in Guizhou for 75 years but moved to Xizhou three years ago. When we went to ask her some questions we learned a lot from her like we learned about the cultural revolution and what it was like back when she was a child. When she was a child she like to embroider and now her daughter owns an embroidery shop that Yang Nai Nai still works in. We learned about history, like the cultural revolution, from her. She told us that people only had 100 grams of rice and other mixed grains like corn per meal. She said that life is better now and she likes life now better than when she was younger. 

The experience of sharing the video with Yang Nai Nai was nerve racking at first because I did not know if she would like it or not but at the video continued she stated to smile. In the middle of the video she turned to talk to another service learning partner also called Yang Nai Nai and Deng Nai Nai to talked to them. She was smiling close to the end and she looked very happy. 

When we walked her back to her house by the Linden Centre she looked happier than she was when we walked to Yang Zhuo Ran. We talked about Guizhou and about her family, one of her sons is in the US going to collage. When we got to her house we said our far wells and left.

Some advice that I would give to the future Microcampus students is split the work evenly and do not let one person do all the work. Also, have a plan A, B, C, D, E, F, G and so on, with my group our plan A was Yang Nai Nai but she said she was not from Xizhou so we looked for another partner. After we ran out of plans, around plan F we asked Yang Nai Nai again and she said yes. Lastly, do not stress out over service learning and take a walk to breath when your feeling stressed.

About This Learner

Hello I'm Kayla and I was born in Hangzhou, China. I moved to America in third grade and then moved here to Shanghai in sixth grade. I am a very outdoorsy person and I love challenges. I was in Xizhou in the Marvel Musketeers group. I am loved it in Xizhou, the food there was great and there was a lot to learn about that place.