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Our service learning partner is Mr.Ma, he is currently 82 years old. He was a teacher, now he has retired for 25 years already. I learned very much about him by talking to him, I leanred that he was a teacher who lived through the Cultral Revolution. I also found that he spent most of his life at Kunming and he only came back whenhe retired. Xizou once was a call "mini shanghai" because it floushed so much. I heard from Mr.Ma that in the 20th Century that China is a very chaotic place, that every you go there was fighting. 

Mr.Ma was one of the most hepful people during this trip, he is also our servis learning partner, I saw his face while he is looking at the video. He seems to be enjoying it looking at the mermories that he has. I looked back at this event and I see that this is a very nice event for them to see, since that this will leave them a memory that they might never forget. 

I feel that this has been a great exprience for me and also for him as well, this will be something that I can be proud of later on in my life. I see that as an achievment, something that I can see 50 years later and smile at the work that I have done. 

About This Learner

I am a member of the K group which is the Kryptonite group, now I am back in Shanghai. I really liked the time that I had back in the village, I wished that I can spend more time there.