Updated 5 years 3 weeks ago

In the 28 days that I will be spending at the village, I decided to pick local food for my Inquiry Project out other choices for example antiques and architecture. Looking at the feedback Mr.Tafel gave me I finally choose local food out those three choices that I have made, out of the list that was given to me. 

Updated 5 years 5 days ago

This is the area of Phase 1, it is where I will began to build background information and at the same time be posing some big questions that I will be answering during my time in the village. In Phase 0 I was deciding the outline of the topic for which I am choosing.

Updated 5 years 2 weeks ago

In Phase 1 I choose the questions that I will be answering during the time at Yunnan. In this Phase I will be looking for reliable sources, I will be finishing this Phase in Xizhou itself. 

Updated 5 years 2 days ago

Right now I am working on background information for my project, and I will be posting most of the information that I have found in here, Phase 3. Back on the other Phases if you want to check them out then you can click on the links right here, Phase 0 and Phase 1. Phase 3 will mostly be about the facts that I learn both from research and also during my stay at the village. 

About This Learner

I am a member of the K group which is the Kryptonite group, now I am back in Shanghai. I really liked the time that I had back in the village, I wished that I can spend more time there.