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Our service learning partner was Ms. Li. At the moment, she is 63 years old and sells cups of honey and jelly to people as she cycles through the village on a bicycle cart.

Ms. Li's full name was Li Jun Xiang (李俊香) and she has lived in Xizhou all her life. Throughout our various interactions with her, I have learned much more about Ms. Li's own history and her views on the Great Leap Forward. It was interesting to see the views of one who lived during that stage of history. 

As a result of this experience, I have learned more about what life was like for a child during that time period, alongside what the typical living conditions were. Furthermore, I have also learned more about how the government was involved with the events.

I had learned about what it felt like, personally, to live in that time. Also, through interviewing Ms. Li, I also learned about what the government would do during the Great Leap Forward- there were many limitations as to what you could or could not do.

Sadly, our partner was not able to make it to the presentations, so she did not view the films with everyone. Ms. Li was on a trip outside of Xizhou, and did not come back until later. We had to send her the burned DVD of our film the day after, when she came back.

We all wished that Ms. Li could make it, but as she did not, we had to go along with Plan B- as aforementioned, we needed to give her the disk the next day, after her return. If she had been there, perhaps her reactions may have been similar to those of other service learning partners- rather surprised and/or confused. During the presentation, several partners seemed confused- they occasionally would talk to someone beside them about what they really meant, or what might have been misunderstood.

In regards to any recommendations I might have for future Microcampus students, I have a few.

First off, always search for a partner ahead of time. This is useful, as often times, people procrastinate and end up with less time to discuss what to do and how it will work out. Make sure you have many options.

Second, do not be as straight forward- sometimes, it may be a little sensitive for people to mention their past experiences, so do not rush things forward. 

Lastly, during your interviews, always remember your manners- be polite and respectful of everybody!





About This Learner

Hi, my name is YingTing and I was thirteen when I went to Microcampus as part of Kryptonite. Living in Xizhou for a month was an experience I will never forget;. I had an amazing time there and will forever treasure the days I spent getting acquainted with its beautiful and unique culture.