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Introduction: Starting from March 8th, fifteen other students and I, all from Shanghai American School Puxi Campus 8th grade, are headed to Xi Zhou for four weeks. While on this trip (Microcampus) we have to investigate a topic, an inquiry project. In order to pick my inquiry topic I first narrowed my topic by picking a topic that might allow me to stretch my Chinese. After I picked three possible topics to research, I looked at other people's projects on them. I noticed that only one other person has done the "Linden Family/Centre Story" and I wanted to learn more about it. 

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In this phase, Phase 1, I will be learning a bit more about my inquiry topic and be doing background research. I will also be posing questions that I hope to answer while in Xizhou.

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Although I am currently working in Phase 1, I am doing my background research in this phase, Phase 3. This phase will consist of all of the information that I have collected, before and during the trip to Xizhou. Below are five headings that will be discovered during this phase, all in bold.

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In previous phases, I have chosen my inquiry topic (Phase 0), created “Big Questions” that I wanted to answer while in Xizhou (Phase 1), found resources and had my work checked over (Phase 2), and conducted my background research and interviews (

About This Learner

Hi, my name is Annika and I was born in Pennsylvania, America but I moved from London to Shanghai. I have been living in Shanghai for around nine months and in March 2015 I came to Xizhou with the Kryptonite group. My inquiry project was the Linden Centre’s impact on Xizhou. While in Xizhou I had an amazing time and experience which involved getting to be familiar with a different culture and lifestyle. Although four weeks seem like a long time, when you are in Xizhou it feels extremely short!