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My service learning partner was Mr. Yang, a convenience shop owner living a few blocks away from the Linden Centre. He is very energetic man who lives with his wife and grandchild. He has one son and two daughters who both work around Kunming and Xizhou.
Mr. Yang’s positive energy and enthusiasm are two qualities that everyone who meets him will be able to share. He is very sociable and have a liking for children as well. From our interview, we were also able to learned that he is a very knowledgable man with many thoughts and ideas of his own. Living through the cultural revolution, he also have many strong opinion and thoughts in terms of politics. 
Over the last century, XIzhou has been through series of transformation. During the Chinese Cultural Revolution, many of the very valuable books and historic relics were burned to ashes. Trees were replaced with farm and agriculture during the Great Leap Forward as well. Life as tough and dangerous as the time. 
China during the 20th Century as a time of danger and risks. People who speak out their own ideas and thinks put their lives in risk. Many educated citizens were not able to use their ability and forced with a career of physical labor. 
My service learning partner, Mr. Yang, seemed to be a little confused in the beginning when he watched the video as we began with a very sensitive topic of past China. However, he seemed to become very interested when the video started describing his personal life and his childhood. We could see the reminiscence in his eyes. 
I advise future Microcampus students to attempt starting conversations with their service learning partners instead of asking series of questionnaires. An answer with a story behind it is almost always more interesting than a simple short answer for a service learning project. In addition, I advise future Microcampus students to focus more on the personal life of their service learning partners and the wisdom he or she has to give. Service learning is not only a project but a great learning experience as well. 

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Hey, I am Jenny and I am currently 14 years old. Born in Vancouver and living in a family of three, my curiosity brought me wonders about the world outside the city bubble in Shanghai. I was a part of group Kryptonite and Microcampus was a once in a lifetime experience that I deeply appreciate. It was a challenge, but in the end, it was only myself that I conquered. Looking back now, I definitely miss the blue skies, starry nights, and the generosity of locals in Xizhou. A great journey has come to an end. I wish the best to future Microcampus students for their trips to come.