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In our time in Xizhou, we make connections to people on a daily routine and hold conversations with them. During this time, we did something called an service learning project. Which is finding an elder and sharing their life story using a film. Our service learning partner was Mrs. Li, she is currently 63 years old. She makes her living as a farmer and a small moving stand owner. She has lived her all her life, but she was a fisher women in the past. She has one son and one grandchild, whom we met at her house.

During out time when we interviewed her, I learned that she is a person who likes to teach things and give warning to the future generation, not afraid to speak her thoughts out loud. We learned about her past and her family, how they were poor when she was young and how they did not have enough food to eat. How they all had to go to the food hall to collect food and how that was never enough for her family. We were also informed that she did not like to go fishing with the elders.

As for the history, she did not talk that much about it, but that she was hungry a lot during her history, she briefly talked about the great leap forward and the cultural revolution. In the beginning, she told us that selling things on the streets was not allowed, and many passes away due to hunger and sickness. We learned that we are very lucky to be born in this century and how we always have a full belly and hospitals to go when we get sick.

She was not able to come to the showing of the video, but she came to Bao Chen Fu and we showed her the video, which I think she liked. Since that when we showed her the video, she was smiling and mouthing what she said. She was really happy when we gave her the DVD and visited her. I think she enjoyed being on the movie and talking with us, I did too. I hope that she has a happy future and remembers us even after we leave.

For future Microcampus students, I have many things to recommend. I would recommend that you make connections with elders on a daily basis, make those connections so that when its time to find a partner. Secondly is to try to find a female service learning partner, most of the past films done are usually men, but women have things to say too. Try and find a female and see their point of view. Lastly is to have fun and make connections to the actual person and not just a service learning partner. It would make it much better and it would also make you feel more comfortable.

About This Learner

My name is Chu Chuan W., and I was in Xizhou for 28 days in a program called Microcampus, during that time, we bonded with our group mates and with the villagers. This time was the best memory of my 8th grade life. I only wish that the future Microcampus have as much fun as we did, and I certainly hope I can visit again in the future.