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My service learning partner is Mr. Zhang, he is now 74 years old, he is and has been a barber for 54 years. I learned from him about the history of China, about the reformation and the great leap forward. I also learned about the changes in Xizhou through the past 70 years. I learned that Xizhou has became a richer village through the great leap forward. I also learned that the people in the village has more opportunity for jobs. People were dying due to starvation. Most people were poor and had little educatoin before the great leap forward. 

Today, day 27, I showed Mr. Zhang our video. At the start he was laughing and happy, but half way through he got very serious, and was very focused. Near the end I could see his lips shaking, and the eyes watery, I could tell that he was about to cry. Mr. Zhang was very emotional, and I could tell that he was sad. I believe that the video reminded him of something bad, that he never told us. I feel terrible for making him day sad and dark. 

The first part of the service learning video was about his life, and his job. The parts about he job seemed to make him happy. The first part made him happy because his business is great, and his life right now is great. According to Mr. Zhang he has around six people per day, but on a good day he would have around ten people that will want to cut her hair. His life, according to him, is great right now, we mentioned his family and he seemed very pleased.

The second part of the video was about the reformation, and people that are starving to death. When we got to the last part about the people starving his mouth started to quiver, and shake. His eyes got red, and watery. At the end I could tell that he wants to cry but he would not do it in front of us. However in the end we gave he a big bag of fruits and that seemed to cheer him up.

I would recommend future Microcampus students to always ask more questions then needed. Make sure that the partner can come to the presentation and double check. On the day of the presentation and if he said that he is leaving check again to make sure that he is not lying. Always be nice to them or at least respect them, when you respect them, and am polite they will like you, and will definite open up and tell you more information.

About This Learner

Hi everyone, my name is William. B, and I am 13 years old now. I was born in Taiwan and lived there for 9-10 years, but I am half British too. I am a student from SAS PD, and am in the Group Limitless. I was in XiZhou, and am in love with this amazing place. Xizhou has great food, although sometimes it is quite oily. My inquiry project is wood carving, and I only have one expert to look guidance to. I will cherish the days I have had XiZhou in my memory.