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My service learning partner was Mr. Zhao. When we interviewed him he was 61. He works as a tailor and says he loves his job. Currently he lives near lake Er Hai and his shop is on the street to Si fang Jie  

Through our conversations with Mr. Zhao we learned many things about his life and a few thoughts he had for us and future generations. Mr. Zhao loved studying while he was in still school, but due to the Cultural Revolution his education stopped in 5th grade. He had to work in fields and make clothes, for his family's survival. He also mentioned that if he could change anything inhis childhood, he would change the fact that his educations were stopped. Some advice he had for our generation was to study hard, work hard, and become a scientist because he had always had an interest in science and wanted us to discover new things. 

During 1966 to 1976 there was a huge uprising in China. The Cultural Revolution; the desperate attempt to clean up the damage created from the Great Leap Forward. During that time people were starving, poor, and without the basic living rights. It effected many different cities and towns in China, but thankfully did not effect Xizhou much. Right now, in Xizhou it is a rural town where there are small town squares, but at the same time, peaceful and serene landscapes, without a human in sight. Through talking with Mr. Zhao we came across the topic that eventually Xizhou will become an urbanized city, much like Shanghai.

When I saw my service learner partner, Mr. Zhao, watch our video about him I could see the experession on his face. Going through different emotions of pride, regret and happieness It definaly was a different experience. I felt both happy and scared for what we did because I was scared that he might have not like our video and I was happy to get to know people I could have just walked by with no expression. 

It's a completely different experience to look at not the main story, but what it affects and what poeple think of it. it has a defferent perspective a different view and it is more telling of people's perspectives. The next time I watch a video with a group I would rather watch them watching because the expressions on their face cannot be viewed again, but the video can. If any person says the expressions can be replicated then I would say its a different point of view. It is like if you watch a movie again. You still laugh at the same places, but you have seen it before.

When doing Service Learning there are a few tips that will definitely help you. Make your  connections early on so you don't have to scramble for one you do not want and so you have a bunch of options and you will be prepared. Asking 'out of the box' questions will definitely help you connect more with your partner. It really show the connection in your video when you are provided with a bunch of question try to move out of them so you can connect more. Organizing your footage will also definitely be a great help to you and you will not need to stress out on the weekend before it is due.

Some advice for future Microcampus students is to get it done faster. This applies to both Inquiry projects and Service Learning work. It’s better to be prepared then to stress  get all things done in three days. A quote that Mr. T shared to us is someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago - Warren Buffet. This applies 


About This Learner

I have already completed microcampus. During my time I have learned many things. I would definitely say this was a life changing experience. Recommendations for future microcampus students is to be on task, be on time, and follow Mr. T's directions.