Updated 5 years 3 weeks ago

This is Phase 1 (although technically my second phase) of work on my Inquiry Project that I will be studying for a month in Xizhou. In Phase 0, I decided on a final topic for my project, which is Local Foods Business Case Study. In this project, I will be picking a small restaurant/ street-food station to live and learn from while at Microcampus.

Updated 5 years 1 month ago

Phase 2 is my third step in a process to creating my Inquiry Project. Basically, I will be completing a small business case study on a restaurant or food vendor while in XiZhou this Spring. In my first step, Phase 0, I made a decision on what it is I wanted to do my project on. In Phase 1, I established what I know and what I still want to know about my topic.

Updated 5 years 2 weeks ago

In Phase 0 of my Inquiry Project, I decided on my topic. During Phase 1, I did research on my project topic, which is shown here in Phase 3, and I came up with my ten Big Questions. In Phase 2, I found more helpful resources for my project, including those in XiZhou.

About This Learner

I am 14 years old and have been living in Shanghai for about four years now. I go to Shanghai American School in Pudong and went to XiZhou as part of the Limitless group in the Spring of 2015. I learned about the people in XiZhou as well as their role in the cuisine. Microcampus was an amazing experience for me and I will always miss the beautiful views, the people, the amazing food, and I will remember the countless life lessons Mr. T taught us. If anyone needs any advice for their Inquiry Project or going to Microcampus in general, please contact me!