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Our service learning partner was Mr.Yang. He is 63 and owns a small antique shop near Si Fang Jie in Xizhou. 

While interviewing Mr.Yang we learnt mostly about his life as a child. He said it was very hard back then and that he had to start working at our age to help his parents. I also learnt that he is a local and is has 8 brothers and sisters. Although he is unhappy with how China is doing he did say that there have been many positive changes over the years. Also he believes that the children are the future and that they have to make the best of their opportunities.

I did not learn much about only Xizhou's history. However he did say talk a little about the 1925 earthquake. Also I learnt that a lot of land was taken away from the farmers during the cultural revolution. He said that people had a very hard time starting a life again after the cultural revolution.

Mr.Yang talked a lot about how difficult it was growing up in the countryside of China. I learnt that during the 20th century most people in the countryside were very poor and had trouble feeding their families. Mr.Yang says that now, times are much better.

Max and I went to get Mr.Yang at 2:45. We got back at 3:00PM and started the showcase. After 2 groups had gone and Mr.T said his thanks and gave a little speech it was our turn to share.All went when when all of a sudden Mr.Yang's phone rang.so we were forced to pause the movie while he made a quick phone call. Other than that he said he really enjoyed the video and that he said it was really relieving when he saw his friends there too.
The service learning partners seemed really interrested in seeing what their friend had said. Also our service learning partner said thanks to us for having spent so much time with him, he even offered us Xizhou BaBa on the way back to his house. All in all it was really fun seeing what our partner looked at and how he reacted to seeing himself on the screen.

I recommend all future Microcampus to find someone in your first week here. try and go see him at least every two days and have many other options. You may think that because your partner said yes means he will be free at all times for filming, anything could go wrong. I recommend a list of backups that goes all the way down to G. Make sure this project is not something you dislike, but something you enjoy. 


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