Updated 5 years 3 weeks ago

On November 22, I went to Yunnan with a group of other kids. We went there to research about a project that is high of interest to me for about one month. I had a huge list of topics to choose from and basically I looked at the different topics and narrowed them down to the ones I am most interested in. I feel that most of the topics I looked at I can understand well enough based on the descriptions provided. 

Updated 5 years 3 weeks ago

So far in Phase 0, I described the process of how I chose my topic. I chose antiques/collectibles. The purpose of this project is so that we can learn about a topic we are interested in and research it in a small village in Yunnan. In Phase 1, I will be doing some research and asking questions.

Updated 5 years 2 days ago

The purpose of this project is to go somewhere for one month to study something that is of high interest to us. The topic I chose to study is antiques/collectibles. In my previous phase, Phase 1, I described my research process and 10 big questions that will help push me deeper into my research. 

Updated 5 years 3 days ago

In Phase 0, I described how I chose my topic and the process I went through. In Phase 1, I wrote about what background information I already know about my topic, antiques/collectibles, and what I want to know. In this phase, I am recording the background information I research.

Background Information (From Phase 1):

About This Learner

My name is Max. I was born in Hong Kong and have lived there for 7 years before moving to Shanghai. I enjoy playing sports like track and field and tennis. I am really enjoying Xizhou so far, the weather is great and the facilities are really nice. Microcampus has been a great experience and I will miss it very much.