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Our service learning partner was Mr.Yang. He is 72 years old and sells clothes in a small store on the way to SiFangJie.

I learned that his dream ever since he was little was to own a small store like he does now, which was surprising because most kids want to be policeman or a basketball player. But that is what he wanted and liked so he is happy with his life.

One thing I learned was there was never an earthquake in Xizhou ever since he was born. There was an earthquake in 1925, but he has never experienced an earthquake before.

I learned that during the 20th century it was hard for people to get jobs and people were very poor. The economy was deficiant. Our service learning partner did not remember much of the past.

At first when Cynthia, Kelly and I went to pick Mr. Yang up at his shop he did not want to go out due to the rain, jut like Mr. T expected. We did bring our own umbrella for him. He eventually agreed to come out and brought out his own giant umbrella. From there we trudged back to YangZhuoRan in the light drizzle.

After, giving a brief tour of YangZhuoRan we led him to classroom one where we would be showing our videos. I thought it was good to be facing the audience when our presentation was playing because you could see the expressions of the audience. Although, I do not understand Chinese it looked like Mr. Yang, our partner, was enjoying watching himself and talking with his friends during the video. It was also cool how all of the Yang's were friends and I think that allowed this presentation time to be more enjoyable for them. I think it was a very relaxing time for Mr.Yang on a rainy day.

I recommend that future microcampus students make lots of strong connections with different locals from the start. I recommend that future work groups do not get fixated on one partner that they think is going to be their partner. Finally, I recommend that they continue to visit the contacts that they made before although they may not be their service learning partners.


About This Learner

I am currently 13 years old and my birthday is on June 6. I was born in Michigan and lived in 5 different places. This is my 3rd year living in Shanghai. I have 2 older sisters in 12th and 10th grade and 1 younger sister in 6th grade. I enjoy hiking/being outdoors and playing sports, especially basketball. I learned lots about Xizhou and myself. I miss the peace and sunny days there.