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Microcampus will be a great experience, do not be fooled by the "one month of no school", but we will be hard at work. Not only must we keep up with school work, but we also have to do an Inquiry Project. For our Inquiry Projects, all Microcampus students must pick topic that they will study for 28 days in the village we will be living in. As we will spend a lot of time with working on our projects, it is best to pick a topic that interests us personally. We were allowed to pick our topics from a large list, everyone had a few choices they liked.

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In Phase 1, I developed questions that would fuel my project. Now, I will be looking for helpful recourses that will supply me with appropriate information that will support my project. 

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Continuing on from Phase 2 where I found helpful resources, I will be starting Phase 3. In this phase, I will gather helpful information. Some of this information will be background information, which I found in Shanghai, while some of it will be from sources I found in Phase 2. 

Background Information (from Phase 1):

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In Phase 3, I gathered information on my topic. Now, in Phase 4, I will share the information I gathered as a final product. Before moving on to complete my final product, I have reviewed some past students’ projects. These include Clara C., Jeffery Z., and Eirean C.

About This Learner

My name is Kristen, and I am 13 years old. I am in 8th grade at SAS Pudong. Before moving to Shanghai last year, I had only ever lived in Glendale, California. Though I am a quarter Chinese, quarter Japanese, and half Korean, I sadly do not speak any language besides English. I have an older brother who also attends SAS, and is in 11th grade; we don't get along well. I also hate spiders and scary movies. Some of my hobbies include reading, drawing, and watching T.V. I am currently in Xizhou, and it already feels like a second home. I am very excited to experience more of Xizhou as the trip goes on.