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I feel that travelers often overlook the local food aspect of a place's culture. What we do not realize is that the food they eat and how they make it tells us a lot more about their culture than we actually think. It can tell us in some intances what their climate is like, about their religion, and their culture's personal taste. For this particular topic,I plan on not only studying what goes on inside the kitchen, but also in the tea terraces and vegetable fields.

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As I begin my project (My Food Journey), I do not know much, really. I know that Yunnan has lots of rice fields due to its climates, I know that there is a drought currently going on so their range of food from agriculture is a bit more limited. I also know that yaks play an important part in Yunnan diet, whether it is from providing milk/cheese or meat. I think I also know that since Yunnan is in the lower part of China, the warm weather makes it easier to grow crops. 

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Phase 2 of the inquiry project is all about finding helpful resources, so it is very important for me to master the skill of gathering resources, whether from people or from textual sites or books.  Some keywords I will probably type into Google to find information on my topic are:

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As I move along in my Inquiry work, it has come to the time where I must clearly represent everything I have learned in the past few days. Because most of my information is centered around Er' Kuai and Er' si, I will need to focus on these two areas of my topic. My "thesis," as in the analysis of the compilation of all of my information that I have gathered in the past three weeks, is that making something as simple as a brick of Er' Kuai 饵块 or a bag of Er' si 饵丝 is a long process from the workshop to the dining table.

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Hi, I'm Miranda, and I am 13 years old. Currently, I am in the Microcampus site, here in Xizhou, and it looks absolutely A-MAZING! The sky is blue, the grass is green, and there's clean, fresh air. What more could one want? Here in Xizhou, I am studying food. Food and Yunnan cuisine is a huge topic, so right now I think I'm going to focus more on tea and noodles (yay, noodles).