Alisa K. (Alumni-C)'s Journal

I was real lazy waking up today.

There were pancakes today. I ate my final Er Si for this trip. Thinking about it makes me sad. The trip is coming to an end. I tried not thinking about it, and enjoy the last day as much as I could.

I did more math today, and worked on the last, though not required, math packet. The last SAS essentials.



I just thought it would be cool to start a journal with a cat meowing.

There were pancakes made by Miranda this morning.

I worked some more on math for SAS essentials (math work time). Ivy helped me a bit.

Katie was the facilitator for daily meeting of day 25. Ivy will be next, and then Jorge, who volunteered to go again.

For one and a half hour, I worked on inquiry work. I tried working on service learning, making the video, but my computer was refusing to cooperate. Instead, Miranda and i decided I would have to do it on her computer.


Breakfast, there were pancakes.

Had math SAS essentials, since a lot of people needed extra time to finish their work.

I was the facilitator for the day 24 meeting. Next would be Katie, then Ivy.

For the next 1 and a half hour till lunch, we had time to work on our inquiry work. I worked on phase five for the whole time.

I had lunch in Yang Zhou Ran. There were some pretty delicious "Hong Shao Rou", ribs, though it was quite hard to eat. The boys took most of it. I liked the sauce.


Just to start the journal off...

Happy Mother's Day! Mommy, I love you!

I woke up today at around 8:20. When I was done changing, I heard the boys were back from their camping night. They went out camping yesterday for their "bro's night out". They were quite loud.

I ate breakfast, and there were pancakes made by the ayi's. How delicious.

At around 9:30, six of us microcampus students left to go to Dali Old Town. Five of them were going to the church. One of them, me, was going to go wood carving.


I was real lazy this morning and woke up at around 8:30 in the morning. It was a saturday, so we could sleep in. I ate breakfast around 8:50. There were pancakes made by the ayi's.

From 10:00-12:00, there would be at least one hour where we should be doing homework. The other hour you can do whatever. I worked on math.

All the girls had lunch in Yang Zhuo Ran, and all the guys went out. We had to do this because the girls had an activity during dinner today.


All the girls wore their hippie pants today. Mine are so light, it feels like I am not wearing pants at all.

Miranda made pancakes today. Me, Erin, Jorge, and Ying Yang did the dishes today. I soaped the dishes with erin.

During SAS essentials I worked a bit on chinese and math. There was not much homework since back at shanghai they are having China Alive.

The daily meeting facilitator was Miranda. Next time will be me. The one after that will be Katie. I took minutes today. Everyone talked so fast, I could barely keep up with typing. My fingers hurt.


There were pancakes made by Miranda and Jillian today. We also had peanut butter. How awesome, our level of breakfast tasty-ness has risen.

There was a room inspection after breakfast. Our room got a 4.2.

During SAS essentials time, I worked on humanities, math, and Chinese. So much homework.

The daily meeting facilitator was Erin. Next time is Vincent, the one after that is Miranda. I volunteered to be the next facilitator, but Miranda took it. We actually ended before 10:30 this meeting, first time ever.

I worked on my phase three during pitching in time.


There were pancakes today, the ayi's made them. I ate a lot of them.

SAS essential, I worked a bit on my chinese homework. I also did math and humanities. There is so much homework to do.

The facilitator for the daily meeting was Ying Yang, next time will be Erin, and the one after that will be Vincent. Mr.T gave us a long lecture on daily video shout outs, and how we were behind so much. 


We were supposed to wake up at 3:30 am this morning to watch the meteor shower. We woke up at 7:00 am.

There was peanut butter included in breakfast today. I put peanut butter on my muffins, my bananas, and even the delicious pancakes Mrs.Mai made for us.

I did the dished today with Jillian, Hannah, and Ying Yang.

During SAS Essentials, I worked on math and read "House on Mango Street".

Daily meeting was lead by Jillian, and facilitator next up would be YingYang, then Erin.


It wasn't early morning, but the air was cold. The warm rays of the sun were shielded by the looming mountains around us. It took a while for sunshine to reach our tent. I went to the bathroom in the bushes. My pants were still wet from the storm the previous day, and I had no other pants to wear except for some flimsy thin leggings. On Mr.T's advice, I decided to bear the pain and put on my wet pants. How uncomfortable it was. But as I stood in the sunlight for a few minutes, my pants began to dry.


Today was the big day. The start of our three day long hike up the mountains.

I had a big breakfast, trying to get enough fuel for the hike.

With big heavy hiking bags, we set off on a green bus to the mountains. Quite nervous I was.


A typical breakfast. I did the dishes with Aakshi and Lucas.

Typical SAS Essentials time.

Typical Daily Meeting. Jorge was the facilitator. Next meeting is Jillian. The next next meeting is Ying Yang.

Normal Pitching In time.

Lunch was at Si Fang Jie for me. I got "Tai Fei", Tafel fried rice, non-spicy. It is named that because Mr.T was the original creator of this fried rice. It was originally spicy, but I did not want it to be, so I asked for non-spicy. It was quite good. I also got a popsicle.


For breakfast, there were no pancakes today. I ate an orange, the ones I bought with Miranda the other day. It was quite good.

There was another surprise room inspection. Guess what? We got a full 5 out of 5. How awesome, the first time in microcampus history! At first we were the worst, now we are at the top. Though I am quite sure next time we will not get so high.

During SAS Essentials time, I worked on math and humanities.


For breakfast Katie and Grace were making pancakes. With bananas. They were quite good. We also had some peanut butter. Yay.

SAS Essentials was like usual. I did the math worksheet, touchlines, and read "House On Mango Street" for humanities.

Daily meeting facilitator was Lucas, next meeting would be Natalie, and the one after that is Jorge.

Pitching In time was relaxing like always. I just tidied up my area and worked a bit more on homework.

Lunch was at Yang Zhuo Ran.


It was hard to wake up this morning.

Breakfast was the usual food.

During SAS essentials time, I worked on math and watched brainpop for science.

Daily meeting, Aakshi was the facilitator, Lucas is the next one, and the one after that is Natalie.

For Pitching In time, I tidied up the room a bit. I tried sleeping, but I did not succeed. I had a strong craving for cough drops.


We woke up at 6:45 in the morning to watch the sun rise. It was quite, slow, but I managed to capture a few good photos.

Most of packing up time, I was wrestling with my sleeping bag. With a bit of Ivy's help, I finally stuffed my sleeping bag into the bag. My hands hurt after the wresting match.

Next up was to take down the tent. Taking it down was so much easier than setting it up. It easily fit into the bag, and we were soon ready to set off.


*I am writing this the day after this journal took place. I shall still write it as if it happened today*

Today was a saturday, so we got to sleep in. I woke up to the sound of a rooster.

Erin and Miranda were making pancakes with mulberries for breakfast. Ivy, Jillian and were the first to eat breakfast. Erin and Miranda followed after they finished pancakes. When I finished, some people started filtering in.


I woke up at 7:40, I think the extra sleep helped me a lot. My nose was not as stuffy and my eyes stopped watering. It was either the extra sleep, or the pill I took last night.

SAS essentials, I sent my 11 things about Zimbabwe to Mrs.Wisniewski.

Daily meeting, Aidan was the facilitator, next meeting would be Aakshi, the one after that would be Lucas. Talked about same things.

Pitching In time, I cleaned up my space. I also worked on my phase 2, since it was to be completed and approved by 2:00 today.

Lunch was at Yang Zhuo Ran. Yummy food!


Same for breakfast.

For SAS Essentials I worked on math, using Erin's VPN to watch the Khan Academy videos on youtube. I also read "The House On Mango Street" for a while.

Same old daily meeting.

For pitching in I cleaned up the room a bit. I tried to sleep a bit, since my nose was really bugging me and I was really uncomfortable. I ended up not able to fall asleep.


Erin sleep talked in the morning at around 6:20.

No pancakes for breakfast today. Still the same muffin and banana and apples.

SAS essentials time, I worked on my humanities culture diagram project most of the time. I managed to finish drawing my pirate ship, and label some parts that represent the seven elements of culture.

Next was the daily meeting. The facilitator/host this time was Colton. Next time would be Hannah, and after Hannah it would be Aidan. We talked about schedules, committee announcements, school work, inquiry work, wellness, and others.


Jillian, Ivy, Miranda, Erin, and me left the house at 6:20 to go jogging in the morning. Since we are at higher altitudes, we get out of breath easier. We had to take a few rests here and there, but at least we had some exercise. We arrived back at Yang Zhuo Ran at around 6:50.

Breakfast was real good, not that it ever wasn't before. It was my group's turn, group D, to wash dishes today. I washed the dishes, with Aakshi, Natalie rinsed them, and Colton dried them.


It is now day three of microcampus in Xi Zhou. For breakfast, me, Jillian, and Miranda went to the kitchen early to make pancakes for everyone. Our first try was a mess. We ended up with demented pancakes that were half cooked. However, the second batch was much better, and by the time we were on our third batch, our pancakes were amazing. The time everyone was ready for breakfast came fast, we were not done making the pancakes yet.


I woke up at 6:50 in the morning to the sound of footsteps from above. Still groggy from sleep, I slowly climbed down the ladder of my bunk-bed. By the time I finished going to the bathroom, brushing my teeth, and changing, my friends and I were ready for breakfast with growling stomaches.

I had pancakes, a muffin, banana, apple, a tasty and satisfying breakfast.

Hello, my name is Alisa. I am an Alumni from Group C, the Cookie Monsters. Over the course of one month, I strengthen my bond with Mr.T and Mrs. Mai, as well as my wonderful friends who accompanied me on my journey. I learned so many things, went so many places, met so many people, ate lots of delicious foods! My adventure in Xi Zhou never failed to keep me laughing. By the end of the trip, I was a wood carving master, and had a family of eighteen crazy cookie monsters, whom I shared this amazing journey with. My trip to Xi Zhou changed my way of thinking and how I live my life. I will never forget the memories I made at Xi Zhou as a member of the Cookie Monsters.