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My top choice for my inquiry project topic is education. I really like working with kids and also education has always been one of the things that I believe is essential in a good community. Coming from India, where few kids who live in rural communities go to school, I think that education is probably the most important aspect, and it’s very important to me.

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I hardly know anything about education specifically in Xizhou, but I do know about education in general. Education is the process of giving or getting instruction. In SAS, we are educated using many tools, such as whiteboards, projecters, and since it's a 1:1 laptop school, many different types of technology. In Xizhou, I would expect blackboards, chalk and normal paper-pencil.

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Finding the right terms to research is really important because it is the difference between actually finding good information and not. I will start with basic kewords and then, go for something more detailed. 

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The main point that I want to share with my audience is that technology doesn't always affect different school environments positively. In order to have a thorough understanding of how technology affects different schools environments, one must investigate the different communities and surroundings, different needs and the different uses. At Shanghai American School, we use technology a lot more for help in research, and for efficiency.

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Hey Everyone! I'm Aakshi, and I was born in India :) Unfortunately, Xizhou is now just a memory, but an amazing one at that. I miss the blue skies, the conversations of the birds, the slow pace of life and the people! Microcampus will be something I will never forget. Cookie Monsters in Xizhou '13 was definitely a success, and I wish we had the chance to go again! I hope the next groups that go have as much fun as we did :)