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Topic: Family Planning Policy

I have come to a decision for my inquiry project to observe and report on the effects of the one child policy in China, especially in Xizhou.  


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The internet is a tricky place, because it is not always possible to know what is true and what is fake.  In order to make sure that the information I collect is valid, I need to double check it with a few other sources.  To find out who published/ produced information from a website, look around because it normally tells you the producer/publisher on it.

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Information From Local Contacts: 

From talking to woman who live in Xizhou, I have learned a lot about what they think about the policy, and the positive and negative affects.  

Ms. Zuo (12)

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In order to have a thorough understanding of the family planning policy in China, one must investigate the facts, as well as the impact it has had on society.  As they say, there is two sides to every story, and I am in Xizhou to share the side that most people who are not directly impacted, may not understand, the personal side.  As I am coming to the final stages of my inquiry project, my main point is that behind each person the family planning policy has affected, there lies a story.

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