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I am interested in the daily life of a XiZhou community member, the lifestyle someone has. Would this topic, daily life, be too general? Maybe I could do daily life of a certain age group, like being a thirteen in XiZhou, or the life of the elderly. I want to find a way to learn about people in XiZhou. I want to understand their lifestyles. How can I do a project that would cover this general topic, yet still be specific?

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My subject, or more like question, is, ‘What is happiness?’. In my life I have experienced happiness and have seen the happiness of others. In my personal life, being happy is having good family and friend relationships, being healthy, enjoying school and learning in school, having fun in thing things that I do, and having a sure sense of life and my life experiences.

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Keywords that I might use for online search to help inform my research might include: what is happiness, materialism, values and beliefs of Bai minority, Bai minority history, population of XiZhou, classism in Yunnan Province/Xizhou, geography of XiZhou, economy of XiZhou, living standards of XiZhou’s people (housing, food, income)

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In order to understand the genuine happiness of XiZhou's residents, one must consider how and why people are satisfied and content with the simple happinesses that life has to offer. 

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Hello Everybody, my name is Hannah, and I've got to say, XiZhou was absolutely amazing! The microcampus experience was surely a great one and I learned so much about people, culture, and lifestyle. I miss XiZhou and hope to go back soon!