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Hello, it's Jillian! Our Service Learning group includes Katie, Jorge, and Ying Yang. 

Our Service Learning partner is Mr. Hua Zhao. He is 73 years old and is a musician and a singer in the Dongjing band. I learned a lot about my elder in the process. I learned about his childhood. He lived in a family that is more than twice my family's size. I learned that he also enjoyed PE, which is cool because I really enjoy PE as well. I also learned that Mr. Zhao had a really tough life. I feel grateful for my life becasue I realize that he had to climb up the mountain to get firewood for his family. I couldn't last an hour, so I can't expect what it would be like to carry firewood for 6 other people.

I also learned a bit about Xizhou's history and about 20th Century China. I learned that Xizhou had a tough time back then. Mr. Zhao says Xizhou was more advanced, even back then from the Liberation. Then again, Xizhou had no electricity. Also, people really wanted to be educated in buisness. I also learned that Mr. Zhao needed to work 4 different jobs because of his past. He says to not mention the cold and the hunger. I feel so happy to be born at this time. I can't imagine what it would be like to live in the 20th Century.

I was really sad when Mr. Zhao couldn't make it to the Service Learning video sharing. I really wanted to see his face when he saw our video. I think he would have liked it when he saw himself play his instrument. I wish he could have seen it. If he ever sees it, THANK YOU MR. ZHAO!

For future Microcampus students, the first thing I would recommend is to keep many possible options open. I think that was one of the more difficult aspects with our group. I also suggest you fit a time with your Chinese speaker to translate everything for your essay and your movie at the same time. The last thing I suggest is to get the contact information for your person. One of the more difficult things for our group was that we didn't have our partner's contact information. 

About This Learner

Xizhou was amazing, and I loved it. It really changed who I was into a more open person who really knows to take everything in. I think Xizhou is the perfect place for breathing. I also love dance, sports, cooking, nature, animals, music, art, photography, and so much more. My favorite people in the world are my mom, dad, family, and friends. I like to spend my time hanging out and chilling. :D ☮