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There is little information avaialble now on the topic of that art and culture behind their dances. However I have danced from a very young age and from my knowledge from traveling Asia I have come to understand that dance is not just a fun activity, but a way to express culture and differences. Dancing is a way people or villages can demonstrate stories, legends, and feelings for their culture.

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As I move to the final phase in this process I now must find an overall statement that will direct my final project. This statement is; How the movie The Five Golden Flowers effected the symbolism, clothing and style of Bai minority dance. Over the course of this month, I have come to study how the movie The Five Golden Flowers has effected Bai minority dance over time. This movie contains many traditional dances of the Bai minority which are still very popular still in China.

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My name is Grace, I am 14 years old and attend Shanghai American School Pudong. I was fortunate to be a part of the first SAS Pudong Microcampus. I have had some much and I have learned so much while being here. I am going to miss XiZhou and the hanging out with the other students so much! I know this will be an experience I will remember forever. ♥