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My service learning partner was Mr. Zhao (guard of YZR). He is 61 years old and is a retired builder. The video and essay is below! Vincent will have most of the information. Please visit: http://www.sasmicrocampus.org/content/service-learning-32

1. What did you learn about your elder as a result of this experience?

I learned that Mr. Zhao is happy with his life even though he lost many chances to do many of the things he wanted to do. Also Mr. Zhao enjoys building things and he built a power generating station in Xi'erhu.

2. What did you learn about Xizhou's history as a result of this experience?

What I learned about Xizhou is that many people here didn't have a chance to go after their dream goals because of the chaotic mess before. Not only that but Xizhou changed a lot throughout years.

3. What did you learn about the 20th Century Chinese history as a result of this experience?

Mr. Zhao didn't mention much about the history now but he and others know that in these years, life has gotten better. During the Cultural Revolution, people were experiencing harsh conditions and everyone now is happy and glad that the Cultural Revolution ended.

4. Describe the experience of sharing your final video with your Service Learning partner.

When it was our group's turn to share our video, I was pretty nervous and my heart was pounding. The reason was because the sound of the video was terrible and so I thought everyone will be confused at what Mr. Zhao was saying. It was interesting to see what the audience's reaction was and though the sound quality was truly horrible, I hoped no one hated it :/

Mr. Zhao was the only partner that came to this party and he seemed really happy after sharing his video to everyone. Even though you couldn't really hear what he was saying, I think everyone understood most of it (by the subtitles) and enjoyed our video (hopefully). 

5. Some recommendations I would give to the students in the future is NEVER stop looking for partners. Even though you might be sure you have got your partner, please do keep options open. Our group thought we had our partner 6 times and in the end, none of them allowed us to videotape them (sadly). Also pick someone who seems friendly and open to questions. When you think your close to maybe finding a partner, give them a heads up on you might be recording or videotaping. Don't wait till last minute to do so or else you will be scrambling to find a partner in the end. Lastly, don't ask personal questions straight away. Start with the basics and move onto family. Once you get to know them pretty well, then talk about the history of China and everything else.

About This Learner

Hi! I'm Erin and I have been apart of the Microcampus experience and I am thankful for the chance I got. The experience changed the way I look at my life and I have no single regret about this trip. I thank everyone who made this Microcampus trip a memorable and fantastic experience to be apart of. Thank you guys, I love you all :)