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I think things that will allow be to interact with the host village and the people is being able to talk to them and ask questions. I also may be able to get some information by trying things out (ex. someone may try to weave something or make a basket). 

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I do not know too much about the topic but because of CISCO (a teleconference that was about the state of the world's oceans) I know that the ocean, pond, lake, river and sink water here in China is not safe to drink. The pollution here in China is real bad and it affects the water here a lot. I know that many factories in big cities dump their trash and pollute the water by dumping their waste into the oceans.

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My main point I want to share to the world is the Xizhou water treatment process and what happens before, during and after the treatment. From all the information I gathered here in these past 2 weeks, many people have been dumping wastewater into sewers. I have learned that sewage water will actually NOT end up at the treatment center and also the buildings past the center, their water is not getting treated. All the untreated water gets dumped into Lake Erhai and pollutes the lake. 

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Hi! I'm Erin and I have been apart of the Microcampus experience and I am thankful for the chance I got. The experience changed the way I look at my life and I have no single regret about this trip. I thank everyone who made this Microcampus trip a memorable and fantastic experience to be apart of. Thank you guys, I love you all :)