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Hi, my group consists of Ivy, Grace and myself. I will be hosting our Service Learning project.

To start with, you can click on the video above to watch our final project

You can also CLICK HERE to download this PDF to read.  

Our service learning partner's name is Mr. Zhao. He is currently 68 years old and is in charge of running the pharmacy that his son opened. One thing that I learned about Mr. Zhao is that he thinks that he is the pinnacle of normal: nothing to regret and nothing to be proud of. Now, he spends his life playing Mahjiang and strolling down the street. According to him, his favorite thing in life to do is to have fun. I have also learned from him that the people in Xizhou have not changed one bit, however technology has improved and so have the facilities. Mr. Zhao did not go really deep into 20th century Chinese history, except for the fact that it was hard. Really hard. Every day, he went up to Cang Shan to chop wood. At that time every one was hungry. However it was regrettable when Mr. Zhao did not come to the sharing session on may 15. 

I also have some advice for future service learners. The first is to keep your partner count up. A minimum of 3 partners is reccomended, because that way, if one of your partners cannot be found, you have a spare/several spares. Another reccomendation I have are to build up a friendly relationship with your partners. This way, they will not try to avoid "uncomfy" questions... ones that get right down to their soul. One third piece of advice I have for future generations of Microcampers is that they should pick a service learning partner who is above 65 since 2013 (escalating by one year every year past 2013). I think that if students dedicate 1 hour every other day to service learning (if they do not need pitching in) to visiting their partners. With this (and more) a successful project will be born. 



About This Learner

Hi. My name is Aidan and I am currently 14 years old. I was born in Toronto, Canada, but lived in Singapore, New Jersey, and Shanghai. While I was in Xizhou, I researched how the local education system has changed over the course of the last 63 years. Since the community had a really helpful air, I felt that Xizhou and it's people had a lot to offer for my project. I am now back home in Shanghai, and an alumni of Microcampus. This experience has taught me a lot. Click on any of the links below to see what I did in Yunnan.