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I have a feeling that the schooling systems over in Xizhou are much different from what I am used to. Local schools tend to give out more homework than schools like SAS, and also teach different things in different ways. Since I do not want to make any assumptions about their schooling systems, I shall rely on what I find out there about how the teachers educate the children of Xizhou. What I most want to know about this topic is how different the education system is compared to Shanghai American School.

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Now that I have narrowed down my topic, I need to find helpful resources to gather for my project. The sources that I could use are: The internet (namely Google), books, and people (students and teachers). I believe that this topic is a more on-site topic, so I do not think I will find much on the internet, but I will try to find as much as possible. However since google contains such a large database, I need to come up with some key words to search by.

Here are some I came up with:

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Background Information (from Phase 1, Step 4):

on the topic of the cultural revolution

- Schools were shut down during fall of 1966 and resumed with "re-education" two years later.(1)

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As I move forwards to the final phase of my project, I have to clearly outline the main point that I wish to share with my audience. This main point is that the schooling system in the area of Xizhou has experienced many significant changes over the past 63 years. The main changes I wish to cover are 1) the physical changes with the school, 2) how the Cultural Revolution affected this system, and 3) the lives of the Xizhou locals have been influenced in different ways over the generations depending on how they were learning.

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Hi. My name is Aidan and I am currently 14 years old. I was born in Toronto, Canada, but lived in Singapore, New Jersey, and Shanghai. While I was in Xizhou, I researched how the local education system has changed over the course of the last 63 years. Since the community had a really helpful air, I felt that Xizhou and it's people had a lot to offer for my project. I am now back home in Shanghai, and an alumni of Microcampus. This experience has taught me a lot. Click on any of the links below to see what I did in Yunnan.