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I learned that my elder has a very outward look on the world. She looks at it likes it is a wonderful place, and I hope to look at it like she does one day I learned that it started off with bad policies. As the village develops, so does the quality of life. I learned that the 20th Century for China has had its down times, but they are coming back. Chinese history is getting better and better as the government and the country develops. My experience was wonderful when we shared the video. Our video was not shaky, and we had a lot of good information about the development of the village in the past 50 years. At the end, our partner smiled a smile that can not be replicated in any way. It was a truly wonderful experience because we also had eigth grade kids joining us from the local schools. Afterwards, when we were in the music room sharing our talent, they sang a traditional song to us that was very beautiful. I will not forget that day.What recommendations do you have for future Microcampus students who will be involved in a Service Learning project? One recommendation I would give to future service learning groups would be to have multiple partners, and be open with every elder that you meet because some of them might not like you videoing them. In my group I had the privelege of meeting new people with Miranda and Alisa. To visit Miranda's blog and see the video, click here!!! Or to switch it up and have a little fun, click here!!!



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Ever since the trip in 8th grade, I have always been walking outwards. I am no more afraid of silence, and I embrace the chances I have to talk to locals where ever I am. I'm so grateful to Mr. T for teaching us and guiding us through an experience that has truly changed the way I walk and talk. I hope that the coming years will bring the students lots of success as the locals in Xi Zhou continue to open up to foreigners like us.